(Published in the Jetstream, 1977)

Janice Allen
Nickname:  Rubber Butt
Saying:  You don't mean it!
Pet Peeve:  Getting up in the morning.
Memory:  Freshman basketball, Coach Booth and the fire extinguisher.

Richard Augur
Nickname:  Dick
Saying:  If at first you don't succeed, raise ___.  
Memory:  Wallpapering Mr. Congdon's walls in his room with grit traps.

Tim Ayers
Nickname:  Garbonzo
Saying:  Let's go bordin!
Pet Peeve:  Carl Redmond and Brett Zachary twisting my ___.
Memory:  Winning the Eastern Surfing Championships, and surfing in my first pro contest and winning.

Alice Baumgartner
Nickname:  Blondie Baumgartner the out of work street streaker.
Saying:  To heck with it!
Memory:  My freshman year at JCL convention.  Don't ask me what happened.  I really don't remember.

Renea Bennett
Nickname:  Sunshine
Saying:  Can I ask you a question?
Pet Peeve:  When I'm driving more than the speed limit and someone passes me like I'm sitting still.
Memory:  The putting together of my wedding and being able to leave him at home and go, go, go!

Karen Benson
Nickname:  Carly Sue
Pet Peeve:  Saying lines from Shakespeare to Ms. Putnam.
Memory:  Rolling Cindy's yard on the night of the Junior-Senior Prom.

Kathy Brown
Nickname:  Panties
Saying:  Ah!  You don't mean it!
Pet Peeve:  Political Systems
Memory:  1977 District 8 Basketball finals with Erwin.

Steve Brown
Nickname:  Butch Cassidy
Saying:  If you can't get away with it, don't do it.
Pet Peeve:  A certain nagging girl
Memory:  The band going to Florida and everyone had a good time.  Lots of girls and parties.

Mike Buckner
Nickname:  Buck
Saying:  Live fast - die young - you make a good looking corpse.
Pet Peeve:  Everyone knocking my '63 Ford.
Memory:  The first time Cox ever took me home in his almost new car.

Paul Capps
Nickname:  P.C.
Saying:  Ummm Boy!
Pet Peeve:  Julie Cloninger trying to change my name to Carl.
Memory:  The look on Ms. Bank's face after someone locked her in the broom closet in the lower lobby at the Junior Senior.

Michelle Carpenter
Nickname:  Marcell
Saying:  The rate race isn't so bad if you are a big cheese.
Pet Peeve:  Rednecks and people being late.
Memory:  Crawling through windows to get into dances.

Jeff Cody
Nickname:  Buffalo Bill
Saying:  Don't have one right now.
Pet Peeve:  Juniors thinking they know it all at the end of the year.
Memory:  Thinking four long years would never end, and just missing three days in four years.

Gordon Cogburn
Nickname:  Lightfoot
Saying:  You are a fool, Gary Penland.
Pet Peeve:  Steve Bowers never washing his car.
Memory:  Class Day 1975-76, and Marty Wall and Steve Bowers with their first 12 pack of Pabst.

Debbie Correll
Nickname:  Wally
Saying:  Two is company, six is a crowd!
Pet Peeve:  Getting to the good part of a movie and having a commerical come up.
Memory:  Saturday night

Tim Crowder
Nickname:  The Crowd!
Saying:  Get the most out of today and let tomorrow take care of itself.
Pet Peeve:  People playing with my fro.
Memory:  Winning 20 out of 25 wrestling matches and coming in 2nd in every tournament except the sectionals.

Lynn Dalton
Nickname:  L.D.
Saying:  Fisher, you just told another one!
Pet Peeve:  Getting in and out of the release time parking lot.
Memory:  Sitting in McDonald's parking lot at 3 a.m. with Joanne and talking to Tony and Bill after the Junior-Senior.

Karen Davis
Nickname:  Crane
Saying:  Ho Dunt!
Pet Peeve:  My car.
Memory:  Marching down a wet field trying to keep warm, and the 1975-76 Junior Senior.

Mike Davis
Nickname:  Dufus
Saying:  Who, Me?
Pet Peeve:  Dropping the plate in the auditorium.
Memory:  Band trips to Bristol.  We were the world's best smugglers until Mr. Lackey came in unexpectedly.

Karen Elingburg
Nickname:  Ellie
Saying:  You're eat up!
Pet Peeve:  Getting caught throwing stuff in the lunchroom and cleaning it up.
Memory:  Being the "Take a Gander Kid" my Junior year and listening to a snoring concert on the phone for 2 hours by none other than "T".

Teresa Elliott
Nickname:  Tree
Saying:  I'll meet ya at McDonalds.
Pet Peeve:  When they predict snow and it doesn't snow and we have to go to school.
Memory:  All the good times we had at our class dances.

Bruce Estridge
Nickname:  Big "E"
Saying:  Raise ____!
Pet Peeve:  Maggots and cats
Memory:  Dan's cabin, painted rocks, Nov. 16, 1975

Autumn Evans
Nickname:  Sunshine
Saying:  Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important.
Pet Peeve:  People that pout.
Memory:  Hitting Carl with a salt shaker when I was a freshman.

Susan Ferguson
Nickname:  Ferg
Saying:   Today is the first day of the rest of your life.
Pet Peeve:  When a person judges you without getting to know you.
Memory:  Last year--when people thought the Sugar Jets weren't going anywhere and we ended up winning the Buncombe County Tournament and were the runners-up in the District Tournament.

Leslie Gibson
Nickname:  Banana Nose
Saying:  Shut up, and Oh, how sweet!
Memory:  Knee deep in mud, half-naked, twirling a silver stick, a fashion show with no stage lights, 7 1/2 people in the audience, and the MC has the flu.

Linda Hall
Nickname:  Boogie Woman
Saying:  Mind your own business (MYOB)
Pet Peeve:  The wonderful aroma of Skoal drifting forward from the back of the bus.
Memory:  That warm spring afternoon long ago behind Ms. Weaver's room.

Robert Heil
Nickname:  Moe
Saying:  A penny saved nowadays just isn't worth it!
Pet Peeve:  Ms. Watkins (because she's getting married and it ain't me!)

Patti Henley
Nickname:  Pooti
Saying:  Ole Dear Gus
Memory:  All four years here at EHS, especially my Junior year.  All of the good times I had as a majorette, and this past year at Bristol--the mud!

David Hensley
Nickname:  Squirrel
Saying:  Take the bad with the good and hope a better day is coming!
Pet Peeve:  When my friends used to call me "Ducky"!
Memory:  Finally making it to a class party - my first and my last!

Tamra Hensley
Nickname:  Rat
Saying:  That sucks!
Pet Peeve:  Space Helmets, yo yo's, gasps and cats.
Memory:  Flag girls, Junior year, November 16, 1975

Annette Hipps
Nickname:  Dumb____
Saying:  Where's my _____?
Pet Peeve:  Mr. Page calling me to the office for smoking in the bathroom when I was in there for nature's reasons.
Memory:  Ms. Cowart's class with Dale, Kathy, Debbie, Kathy, Debbie, Rhonda, Felicia, and Mr. Hensley's office.

Kathy Hoffman
Nickname:  Hoffie
Saying:  Sit on it.
Pet Peeve:  Phony people and things.
Memory:  My freshman year when a group of people broke the toilet in the bathroom from the wall.

Roger Hollifield
Nickname:  Lil' Skeet
Saying:  Whatever turns you on!
Pet Peeve:  Boring weekends.
Memory:  All of my great teachers and friends.

Mitch Holmes
Nickname:  Yo Yo
Saying:  Take it any way you can get it!
Pet Peeve:  Shaving
Memory:  Loose steering wheels.

Vicky House
Nickname:  Mickey Mouse
Saying:  Oh!  Ms. Murphy!
Pet Peeve:  People who think they are better than me.
Memory:  I will always remember the day I came to Enka High!

Debbie Hughes
Nickname:  Hugh
Saying:  Really!
Pet Peeve:  Not being able to chew gum in the business wing.
Memory:  The day Coach Sevier gave ma a burning look when I said, "Eat me Pilgrim" to Doug Watts.

Jim Huskey
Nickname:  Pappy
Saying:  O.K. Buckwheat
Pet Peeve:  Boring weekends.
Memory:  Mr. Carroll being assistant principal instead of Mr. Page.

Debbie Hutchinson
Nickname:  Hutch
Saying:  I don't care 'cause I'm a bear, and bears don't care 'cause they have white hair, so why should I care, 'cause I'm a bear.
Pet Peeve:  Starsky
Memory:  Frog

Jan Kuykendall
Nickname:  Spot
Saying:  "You know it!"
Pet Peeve:  Never having toilet paper in the bathrooms.
Memory:  Ms. Putnam and my four years of cheerleading, especially my Senior year.

Joe Kuykendall
Nickname:  Captain Orange
Saying:  I may not always be right, but I'm never wrong!
Pet Peeve:  Paper airplanes that don't fly.
Memory:  Nothing.  The whole thing has been a nightmare.  But I do remember not getting caught at 75% of the things I did.

Lori Lane
Nickname:  Precious
Saying:  Can't dance 'cause I just washed my feet and I can't do a thing with them.
Pet Peeve:  Coming back from lunch and finding Mr. Page in Parker's truck by the parking lot.
Memory:  I remember the time Janice Allen and I threw a water balloon at Steve Brown and Phil Case.  I got a paddling and Janice laughed.

Pam Ledford
Nickname:  Biggen
Saying:  Sure Buddy!
Pet Peeve:  Eating in the lunchroom.
Memory:  The Junior-Senior my Junior year.

Nicky Luquire
Nickname:  Nasty
Saying:  Raise heck!
Pet Peeve:  Communists
Memory:  Rolling Erwin High and rolling Mary Evan's yard with 114 rolls.

Rowena Massie
Nickname:  Weiner
Saying:  Things could be worse.
Pet Peeve:  School's bathrooms.
Memory:  My sophomore year and my Junior year...and my friends.

Anne May
Nickname:  Ediebo
Saying:  I love school!
Pet Peeve:  Math
Memory:  Basketball team pajama parties and this year's Junior Senior Prom.

Natalie McCulloch
Nickname:  Nat the Cat
Saying:  You turkey!
Pet Peeve:  Seeing innocent people hurt by others who think only of themselves.
Memory:  My Senior year, Homecoming, and Girl's basketball.

Debbie McElrath
Nickname:  Little Mac
Saying:  Hey Purty!
Pet Peeve:  What bothers me most is having to tell people what bothers me most.
Memory:  My good times as a cheerleader - especially the game at Tuscola when I got a little excited and had an accident on Lisa's shoulders.

Felicia Meeks
Nickname:  Flea
Saying:  Really!
Pet Peeve:  Coming to school when it rains.
Memory:  All of the good times laying out of school!

Cheryl Miller
Nickname:  Crazy
Saying:  Great day!
Pet Peeve:  Waiting for my sister to finish fixing her hair.
Memory:  Sophomore Party

Robbie Morgan
Nickname:  Short Stuff
Saying:  Hold me back!
Pet Peeve:  Ms. Whitmer saying, "Have that test typed by tomorrow morning!"
Memory:  Being a matmaid for four years and the long two day wrestling tournaments.

Steve O'Kelley
Nickname:  Oak
Saying:  Don't get any on ya!
Pet Peeve:  Teachers who don't know how to take a day off.
Memory:  Leaving school to go to Hulies, beating Roberson in basketball, and Class Day.

Diane Owenby
Nickname:  Dino
Saying:  You're eat up!
Pet Peeve:  The yummy lunches
Memory:  The times I spent in Mr. Page's office begging him not to give me detention.

Eric Parker
Nickname:  Fud
Saying:   If it's legal, do it!
Pet Peeve:  Freaks
Memory:  Mixing up coke and gatorade and seeing that it looked just like pee, then throwing it all over Bruce Estridge and grossing him out. 

Lisa Payne
Nickname:  Lee
Saying:  A soft answer turneth away wrath; but gracious words stir up anger.
Pet Peeve:  Snobby people
Memory:  Junior and Senior Class parties, the Prom, water balloons, and the last days of school.

Gary Penland
Nickname:  Mr.  P
Saying:  Fine as a frog hair
Pet Peeve:  Being called toothless
Memory:  Our early days at Village Inn and Grave Yard Fields.

Diane Peterson
Nickname:  Dooie
Saying:  Put it off until tomorrow what I should do today.
Pet Peeve:  Getting to the good part of a book and then having to stop.
Memory:  Junior-Senior

Joanne Peterson
Nickname:  Commander Joe
Saying:  Yeah, but that's beside the point.
Pet Peeve:  Losing my best friend to Erwin High (of all places).
Memory:  Being a sophomore server in the Junior-Senior Prom, being in the Senior play, chorus trips, ballgames, and my sophomore year.

Debbie Phillips
Nickname:  Flips
Saying:  Alright!  Let's party hardy!
Pet Peeve:  People who think they know it all and phony people.
Memory:  Freshman year when a bunch of deliquents broke the toilet off the wall.

Leslie Rhash
Nickname:  Lestonbe'
Saying:  Que Sera Sera
Pet Peeve:  Being called a pirate's dream (sunken chest)
Memory:  I remember our freshman dance.  The band was Virgil.  :-(

Linda Rhodes
Nickname:  Squirt
Saying:  Golly bum, Lynette
Pet Peeve:  People who think that they are too good for anyone else.
Memory:  Playing softball for Enka High and all my friends who are still there.

Terria Rickman
Nickname:  Bones
Saying:  You're so dense.
Pet peeve:  Ms. Edsall yelling, "Where's page four?'  even though it always gets done.
Memory:  Four great wrestling seasons, my Senior year, and being sports editor of Jetstream for 17 LONG ISSUES!

Rodney Roberts
Nickname:  God
Saying:  Never have so many done so little for so few.
Pet Peeve:  Larry Flynt being thrown in prison.
Memory:  Getting a valentine from Lynda Carter, Wonder Woman.

Dale Robinson
Nickname:  Bean
Saying:  Roses are red, violets are blue, God made me good-looking, so what happened to you?
Pet Peeve:  When teachers are wrong and they use their teacher's authority over you.
Memory:  Raising cane on the Spirit Bus going to the away ballgames with the classes of '75 and '76.

Donna Robinson
Nickname:  Dona
Saying:  I tell you what...
Pet Peeve:  The buzzers in the lobby.  My ears will never be the same.
Memory:  The fight at McDonalds after the Erwin-Enka basketball game last year.

Kathy Robinson
Nickname:  Cat
Saying:  Do it to it!
Pet Peeve:  Monday morning hang-overs.
Memory:  Senior party, but really the Junior Senior Prom.

Sarah Rogers
Nickname:  Squirrel
Saying:  Wanna Fight?
Pet Peeve:  People who brag all of the time.

Rex Roland
Saying:  It won't work, we'll all be killed!
Pet Peeve:  Communists
Memory:  All of Mary's exciting parties.

Larry Shope
Nickname:  Wow-Wee
Saying:  You know.
Pet Peeve:  Coach Moore's dimples.
Memory:  Raising heck on the track team, and also winning!

Bruce Soesbee
Nickname:  Billy Bruce
Saying:  Alright is Alright.
Pet Peeve:  The "Good Ole American Caste System."
Memory:  Back to school dances and red punch.

Kathy Sorrells
Nickname:  Pud
Saying:  Hang loose.
Pet Peeve:  Danny Satterwhite's BIG mouth in Symphonic Band (his body too!)
Memory:  In Mr. C's string class, playing the Gong Show on my D string, but really it was supposed to be my G string, but we didn't have any G strings left, so I gonged and gonged and gonged...

Keith Sprinkle
Nickname:  Spreith
Saying:  I'm a hard dog, I'm a working dog, I'm a hard working dog.  
Pet Peeve:  The glisten of bald heads from the front offices.
Memory:  Teresa R. riding in the back of Scott's car.

Doug Sparks
Nickname:  Sparkie
Saying:  That's life - Come on man, don't be uncool.
Pet Peeve:  Ms. Murphy saying, "Seniors, Seniors, give me your attention please."  
Memory:  Class Day 1976, Sliding Rock, the odor of the fieldhouse after football practice.

Marvin Taylor
Nickname:  "T"
Pet Peeve:  Being blocked in the release time parking lot and when I finally worked my way out...the gate was locked.
Memory:  Those nights at the Biltmore Twin Theatres, after closing hours.

David Warren
Nickname:  Dunt
Saying:  Bite Off
Memory:  All the things that we did on the ROTC Field Trips to Fort Jackson that Sgt. Pittman didn't find out about!

Diane Warren
Nickname:  Tiny Tim
Saying:  You have got to be kidding!
Pet Peeve:  Teachers going into the bathrooms during lunch and accusing people of smoking who weren't.
Memory:  First day of school this year when me, Randy Hill, Carrie Wade, and a few others went riding around and came back to school drunk and didn't get caught.

Tammy Warren
Nickname:  Captain Tom
Saying:  Wait, my pants are falling, or When I was in band...
Pet Peeve:  Mitch Holmes insulting my beautiful, well-running car, and having to hide from those "Certain Seniors" during my sophomore year.
Memory:  My sophomore year, Lewis Arthur in orange shorts, Enka beating Roberson in basketball, the three football games Enka won while I was here, being on the Jetstream staff for three fun years, and Joanne and I raising it whenever certain alumni came to visit!

David Williams
Nickname:  Ya Dave
Saying:  They'll always come back for more.
Pet Peeve:  Page's jokes and his singing.
Memory:  All of the raising cane we did in Mrs. Pippinger's room for two years.

Cindy Wilson
Nickname:  Campbell
Saying:  Really, and You're EAT UP!
Pet Peeve:  The parking lots
Memory:  Our trip to St. Petersburg with the band in '74, and being a class officer my freshman and sophomore years.

Brett Zachary
Nickname:  Pudgee
Saying:   I know it.
Pet Peeve:  Carl Redmond and Tim Ayers twisting my ____off.
Memory:  Getting chased off of Stradley Mountain by bears while riding motorcycles with Roger Hollifield and Mike Profitt.