Enka High School '77 Class History
June 3, 1977
Graduation Speech
Delivered by Jerry Wilkins, Class President

We, the Class of '77, will be leaving Enka High School today for the last time. We have had four wonderful and exciting years together.  Now, we would like to go back and share some of our memories with you.

It was the beginning of our Freshman year when everyone felt so lost and confused. Keith Sprinkle was elected Class President that year. The other officers were: Leslie Rhash, Vice President; Jan Kuykendall, Secretary; and Cindy Wilson, Treasurer.

Football season began and the support was great. Our Freshman Homecoming Attendant was Melanie Bell.  

Near the end of fall, we had some car washes to raise money for our first Class Party. It wasn't long before we began putting the money to use for decorations and other necessities. The theme was 'Seasons in the Sun' and the band was 'Virgil.'  I must say that they produced a very unusual sound, but we all had a great time. We would like to thank Mrs. Anderson, our sponsor that year, for having so much patience with us.  The close of school came very quickly as we saw the Class of '74 march out for the last time on Class Day.

Our Sophomore year was upon us before we knew it, and our class began to pull together a little more.  On Homecoming night, Leslie Rhash represented our class on the Homecoming Court.  Mr. Kopp and Mr. Miller were our sponsors who helped us get things going.

We had car washes and sold stationery to raise money for our party. We raised more money than any class before us had. I was honored to be elected your President that year, and the other officers were: Leslie Rhash, Vice-President; Autumn Evans, Secretary; and Jan Kuykendall, Treasurer.  Cindy Wilson was our Reporter.

Our party was a great success that year because of the time and interest the class put into it. The theme was 'Bungle in the Jungle' and the decorations were beautiful. We danced to the music of 'Castille.'

During the spring, several of our top Sophomores were honored when they were invited to serve at the Junior-Senior Prom. Our second year was already gone as the Class of '75 made its way through Class Day and Graduation ceremonies.

Our Junior year was when we really began to shape up as a class. We realized how working together could bring us all closer. Before school began, we thought about skits for our part in Freshman Orientation. We should have gone to Broadway with those acts! Sports was our subject and the Freshmen were 'thrilled' with our performances, especially the tobacco spitting contest between Steve O'Kelly and Dan Cable!

Magazine sales came next. We sold more magaizes than any class before us and won a trophy for our efforts.  Our class officers were: Leslie Rhash, President; Bill Radford, Vice-President; Lisa Foster, Treasurer; Anne Brookshire, Recording Secretary; Jan Kuykendall, Corresponding Secretary; Debbie McElrath, Reporter.

The wrestlers had a great season as they went undefeated.  Our Junior dance came next. The theme was 'Tequilla Sunrise.'  We had a great time! Shortly after our class party came the big event...our first Junior-Senior Prom.  The theme was 'Stairway to Heaven' and it was held at the Grove Park Inn. The Class of '76 was socially together for the last time, and we were proud to make it all happen. 

Next came Ring Day and the ceremony we had all been waiting for. Mr. McElrath placed the rings on all of our fingers and we, as Rising Seniors, went to show them off.  We would like to thank our sponsor, Mr. Riddle, and the Junior homeroom teachers. Without their guidance, we couldn't have made it.

Class Day rolled around before we knew it, and when the Class of '76 marched out, we moved into its place.  We were now Seniors.

First of all, I would like to thank the Class of '77 for electing me as its President. The other officers are: Steve Bowers, Vice-President; Marcie Davis, Recording Secretary, Cathy Freeman, Corresponding Secretary; Susan Ferguson, Treasurer; and Richard Augur, Reporter.

We had a rough season in football, but, like always, the support was great. Natalie McCulloch was elected as our Homecoming Queen.  All of the Basketball teams turned in good records during the winter season.

We began our fund raising project by selling chocolate. The sales went very well and we were able to support many projects. In December, we planned our Christmas Party. The decorations were fantastic, especially that very special, and I must add, HOT Christmas tree. Near the end of the party, Senior Superlatives were announced.

Our Class Song was selected to the tune of the 'Theme from Mahogany." The class colors, flower and motto were also chosen. Spring rolled around as the Juniors honored us with a beautiful Prom. We danced to the music of 'SugarCreek' and 'Freebird' was the theme.

The Senior Play was the next big event. The title was "Right Bed, Wrong Husband." The cast and crew put a lot of time into it, and it was evident as the play was a smash. When the play was over, we could sense the shortness of time. We would soon be graduating.

Now, I would like to take a moment to thank Mr. Ammons and Miss Putnam for all of the time and hard work they have put into helping the Senior Class. We will always appreciate their efforts.

Today is a very sad day for me. I know when we march out it will be for the last time. After graduation, some of us will never see each other again. But, we will always have memories in our hearts. Now, we the Class of '77, simply say "Goodbye."